One of the achievements in the field of home appliances is a vertical cordless vacuum cleaner – it is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers. Due to its compactness, maneuverability, and speed of cleaning, it successfully competes with traditional models. In this article, we will describe what characteristics of the device you need to pay attention if you are going to buy it.

Modern appliances make our lives easier. But to get the most out of the purchase, you need to be wise. This applies to any devices for home, including today’s fashionable and very convenient cordless vertical vacuum cleaners. In this article, we have identified the most important thing to consider when buying such an assistant for the house.

Vacuum Cleaner Operation Time

Choose a model that works for at least 40 minutes. This is enough for cleaning not only the one-room apartment but also two- and even three-room apartments. But if the apartment is large, a lot of carpets, you often use the maximum power of the vacuum cleaner, it is better to have plenty of time for cleaning.

Design Features of Vertical Vacuum Cleaners

The principal difference between such vacuum cleaners from traditional ones is in the case configuration. The upright vacuum cleaner has a small weight and dimensions. Despite the external dissimilarity, the device works just like a regular vacuum cleaner. The engine controls the fan, which, rotating at high speed, creates airflow, sucking mud from the surface of.

What Are the Main Advantages of Vertical Vacuum Cleaners?

  • Compactness. The device with the function of vertical parking during storage takes a little more space than a regular mop. If the vacuum cleaner needs to be transported from place to place, for example, from an old apartment to a new one, it is easy to pack it into a regular bag.
  • Ease of use. Vertical vacuum cleaners do not need to be assembled and disassembled every time, unlike classic models. In addition, they are usually much easier to care for. To clean the vertical vacuum cleaner, you just need to shake out the contents of the dust collector in the trash.

  • Maneuverability. Due to the design features, the device easily reaches into hard-to-reach places. A vertical vacuum cleaner is more convenient to clean high furniture, cornices.
  • Low weight Upright vacuum cleaner is so light that even the weakest woman or child can easily use it.

Completion of vertical vacuum cleaners depends on the models. Some manufacturers complement the devices with turbo brushes or electric turbines with rotating clean rollers, furniture cleaning attachments. The use of these accessories expands the functionality and improves cleaning efficiency.

Match the tasks that will be in front of a vacuum cleaner in your home with its basic performance. As a result, you can buy exactly the model that you need.

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