Vacuum cleaners are extremely handy home appliances, and they are simply indispensable in case of wall-to-wall carpeting. The main principle behind this invention is implied by its name: it sucks in the particles of dust and dirt and stores them in its bag. When in use, these bags are filled with air, and they are often visible.

As you know, types of vacuum cleaners vary. Hence, so do the types of bags. As these need to be changed regularly, you may be wondering which kind of replacement bags is compatible with your device. This information must be included in the manufacturer’s manual. However, in case you fail to find it, here is a detailed guide to help you.

Main Types

On any vacuum bag, you will find a certain letter type from A to Z. These are used to match bags with vacuum cleaners, which may be hand-held, cylinder, canister or upright. Types C, D, E, F, G, J, K, and U are the most common. Here is what they mean.

Type C/D/E

These must be used with upright vacuum cleaners. Here, dirty air is sucked into the bag, and all the dust is trapped inside. The twin bag surface filters the air which passes back through it.  

Type F/J/K

These are for canister and cylinder models. In these and handheld ones, the dirty air enters the bag and goes through its porous surfaces, depositing dirt.

Type G

Use these with hand-held models. Some of the most recent of these are bagless.

Type U

These are designed for hand-held, canister and cylinder types.

Important Considerations

It is always best to change the bag before it is fully filled. This enhances performance, as the air flow will be increased without putting too much strain on the vacuum cleaner. It is also important to use genuinely branded bags specially designed for your vacuum cleaner. Cheaper substitutes may void the warranty. However, if production of the genuine bags has been discontinued, you will still find suitable vacuum bags on sale.

Finding the Right Bag

The first step is to identify your vacuum cleaner’s maker and model, which is similar to that of a vehicle. The maker is the brand name – for instance, Zanussi or Samsung. The model is the name of this specific type of machine, such as the Animal from Dyson. Next, find the number of the model, which is often specified either on the packaging or the back of your vacuum cleaner, under all the hoses and cords. Now, you have all the necessary information.

Finally, armed with these details, you should contact a local store selling replacement bags. Tell the make, model and model number to the associate, and they will provide you with the correct product.

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