All women would like to have a magic stick that could do the job for them. Unfortunately, it does not exist. But taking care of the whole house today has become much easier. The market offers a great number of multi-function cleaners. Modern devices have functions that can deal with any surfaces. When it comes to choosing a particular type of cleaner, you might get lost. Think of where you are going to use it and how often. You will not buy two devices so choose wisely.

Popular Types

  • Upright. This is a great choice for cleaning large floor areas. The upright vacuum cleaner will easily clean any dirt, including fluff and hair. However, it might be a little difficult to clean on the stairs and in place with little space.
  • Bagged. This type of cleaning device is characterized by a good capacity. Dust and dirt are safely stored inside with very little exposure. There is no need to be worried that some dust particle will be left on the floor and furniture. Multi-functional devices have filters that prevent exposure of dust. It is much better to get a device with self-sealed bags. These bags are expensive but provide excellent cleaning. Bagged cleaners are preferred by people having an allergy to dust.
  • Bagless. The names tell everything about this type of cleaners. There is no bag inside. It is necessary to empty the cleaner when it is full. It might not be very convenient sometimes. When you open it, dirt stored inside can get spread. These cleaning devices are not multi-functional but are rather cheaper. You do not have to purchase bags all the time. Bagless cleaners are characterized by small capacity. They should be frequently emptied to ensure efficient cleaning.
  • Cylinder. Cleaning device must be compact and functional enough to get under furniture.  This is exactly about cylinder cleaners. It will get anywhere. Even the tightest space is not a problem.  This device usually has a long hose and works rather quietly. When reading various reviews, you will probably notice that cylinder vacuum cleaner usually receive higher scores.

  • Cordless. It is not a new type but it has become very popular recently. They are lights, do not need any bags and have accessories. However, this cleaner does not have a large capacity. You will have to empty it oftener to ensure free movement of air inside.

Find it hard to choose? Do not bother too much. The location should define your primary cleaner.

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