At least once a week you face the same problem – you have to clean your house or apartment. The bigger your property, the harder it is. It is much easier to hire a cleaning company to make life easier. However, not all people are fine with having strangers at home. This is where good cleaning machines are needed.  Today we are offered a huge number of cleaners of different types and modes. Cleaning modes greatly depend on the type of device you buy.

Types and Models

  • Canister cleaning machines are usually rather powerful and have a large capacity. They will easily cope with dirt on different surfaces due to various accessories. Canister vacuums have modes that can be used for cleaning not only carpets or floor but also walls, curtains, ceilings, etc. The device has a long hose and can get anywhere. The only drawback is its weight. It might be not very convenient to drag it down the stairs.

  • Another type is an upright vacuum, which is characterized by excellent features and numerous modes. First, they can do back-and-forth moves, which is very convenient when cleaning larges areas. This type of vacuums also has bagged and bagless options, and are very powerful. The device has several brushes but a standard one is very functional. It can be turned off for cleaning bare surfaces.
  • Have you ever heard about stick vacuums? They are rather popular because they do not need a lot of space for storage. They are also very lightweight and can be easily carried around the house. Good choice for small apartments and quick cleaning. Considering that they have a middle capacity, there are not many modes.
  • Wet and dry cleaning machines are essential for hotels. This type of vacuums can cope with large areas and different surfaces. It has a large capacity, big tank, and functional brushes. Wet mode ensures wet cleaning to pick up dust and other dirt. This device basically combines two different types of cleaning.
  • Robotic cleaners have been designed to ease the life of busy people. This vacuum is robot-controlled and cleans remotely. You can also set timing and map the area that should be cleaned. In fact, this cleaner is designed to clean your place when you are not at home. It will easily get under the coach and other hardly reachable places. However, they are not very big and can deal with small areas.

This is not the limited range of devices but these are the most popular. Each type has its benefits and can be a perfect solution for various homes.

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